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We are young people from around the world, supported by our senior advisers, who are deeply concerned with the ongoing climate crisis.

We write on behalf of our generation and future generations to call on our governments to take strong, serious, and sustained action to address the climate emergency.  It is in this light that we humbly request your good person to support a UN General Assembly Resolution to seek the advice of the International Court of Justice on the question:
“In this climate crisis, what are the duties of States under International Law to present and future generations?”
Respectfully attached is a draft of the proposed UN General Assembly Resolution. Thank you in anticipation of your kind consideration, as we trust that this letter finds you in good health and spirits.
Please click here or here for a downloadable version you can fill out & send to your own UN permanent mission! You can find your country's UN representative listed online here 

Many UN representatives have Twitter or other social handles. Search for your country name and the words "permanent mission" or "UN ambassador," and tell them you support urgent climate action! #VoteYesForClimateJustice and #AOLetsGo are our campaign hashtags.



Search this list for your country's UN mission, and sign and send one of our draft letters to your own country rep.



Join a national chapter of World's Youth for Climate Justice, or contact our campaign for more information on how you can be involved!

Whether you are a preschooler or a permanent observer,

Your voice matters!

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